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There are signs that suggest you might need a new roof

May 17


Are you thinking about changing your roof? Here you need to call roofing company blackhawk sd. A roof might reach its expiration date naturally without leaks or other problems with its roof. It may look old and worn which is usually a sign that your roof is coming to its end. It is possible to save money and stress by adopting preventative measures.


If you wait too long to replace an aging roof it may cause larger problems later on. So, look out for warning signs, and be sure to schedule plenty of time to include the project to your wish list.


Exterior Alliance is here to help you plan and budget for your roof replacement. We offer free roof inspections as well as estimates!


10 Signs that Your Roof Might Need to Be Replaced:

  • Shingle tabs may be cupped or curled along the edges of shingles.

  • Bald spots in which granules are absent.

  • Cracked shingles.

  • Your roof is at minimum 20 years old. While a majority of shingles in the market today are built to last Certain factors can cause the aging process of roofing shingles. The shingles you have can be adversely affected when your roof isn't well ventilated.

  • It's worn and old.

  • New roofs are being constructed on houses that are located near each other. Your roof could be at the end of its lifespan when it was constructed in the same time frame.

  • Dark streaks. Dark streaks may be caused by airborne algae. Although it won't necessarily damage the roofing shingles, the dark streaks can be very evident.

  • Moss can be found on roof surfaces that aren't exposed to sunlight especially in cold moist climates. The growth could be more than just a cosmetic concern. The moss is a moisture-holding agent that can build up on roof surfaces and, in colder climates, could cause damages to the granules located at the roof's top. It is possible to scrub it off, but it won't stop it from growing again so be careful not to harm the surface of the shingles.

  • Damage from storms caused by wind and hail storms can cause damage to even newer roofs. Roofs are more susceptible to severe storm damage the older it is. The creased shingles from wind, the broken shingles, hail bruising and so on. could result in the deterioration of your roof and the potential need for roofing replacement.

  • Granules near downspouts is a sign that your shingles have lost their protective coating, over time as they shed the majority of this coating, they will begin to crack and blister.

What do I need to prepare for the installation?

The procedure of installing architectural roofing shingles is the same as other roof replacement projects, which means preparation is the same. Start by removing any objects that hang on your walls or on shelves that are mounted to the wall. This is because the construction vibrations could take them away. The next step is to clear furniture that is outside the house , so that the roofing contractor near rapid city have access to the property. You can store items in your attic, and use tarps to prevent dust and other debris from falling on the roof during work by contractors.


If you're interested in a roof replacement and have architectural shingles installed, contact Teamwork Exteriors in this regard.


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