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Signs that remind you to replace the roof on your home

Jun 3


Even if you feel like you're at your home, having a safe warm, cozy, and leak-free home is essential. Shield Roofing provides reliable and expert roofing services to ensure the most effective outcomes.

This is the way you can identify potential problems and correct problems before they turn into serious issues.

Your roof has been through a lot.

Based on the type of material and the climate of the area you live in, roofing lasts for between 20 and 25 years. If your roof has been in use for more than 20 years old, it's likely that it's nearing the end of its lifespan. Do not put off having your roof assessed.


The Shingles have been damaged

Examine for curled or cracked shingles on roofs with shingle. This means that the roof is in need of being repaired with a local roofing firm. Also, make sure to check your gutters for pieces of shingles. They indicate that your shingles are at the limit of their usefulness.


The chimney flashing that is degraded

The flashing may become brittle over time. Check that the flashing around the chimney is in good condition. Since it's waterproof, flashing made of metal is a superior option.


Light is visible

Examine the roof decks within your attic. If you can see light through the cracks of the roof, you could have a major issue. The cost of heating and cooling for a family of four could be incurred each year because of air leaks from cracks and holes is almost three-quarters. To cut costs and prevent roof leaks, you'll require an expert roofing contractor in Schertz, Texas.


Leaks In Your Roof

Roof leaks are usually the first indication of damage to the roof. If they are not dealt with quickly small leaks could become serious issues. Homeowners pay 4% of the worth of their house annually on maintenance and repairs. The cost of repairs can increase as time passes. It's about $2,000 per year for a home that is worth $200,000. The majority of this amount would be put towards roofing maintenance and replacement within a couple of years.



Mildew or mold may be evident on ceilings and walls. This could be a sign of leaky roofing, or an issue with condensation or plumbing. Before beginning the roofing process, be sure that your insulation is not damp and that the home is properly ventilated.


There are a variety of growth that can occur in the roof.


This green and black fungus could eat away on your roof, which can lead to the roof degrading over time. The reason for this is the accumulation of moisture on shakes and shingles, which causes spores to to settle and develop into algae. Algae can be found in gutters because of the quantity of water that is there. Algae flourishes in humid and humid environments, so it is likely they will thrive on roofs.



The contrast between moss and algae, that are considered harmless and natural flora in the appropriate conditions, mold is considered to be a clear problem and could pose danger to your health. Mold is easily identifiable by its unpleasant smell and ugly appearance, including dark-green, brown, and black spots. As with other forms of growth, it is caused by the accumulation of moisture. The majority of mold develops on porous surfaces like wood and drywall , which can hold moisture.



Moss is easily recognized through its loose consistency and green hue. A lot of people think it looks beautiful on the roof. Moss is a risk based on the lifestyle of the homeowner and what their style of architecture is. As it grows, moss can add additional moisture to the shakes' wood and shingles.



It's a cancerous growth that can develop in damp areas. The appearance of the mildew is white and can vary from lighter gray to black to pink. But, it could cause serious health issues when left untreated for long time. Mildew thrives in humid, damp environments as well as roofs that have poor drainage. Mildew is more prolific than other harmful organisms.


The four types of growth have a common feature that they thrive in humid conditions. A lack of drainage could make these plants more susceptible to humid areas.



Roof inspections are recommended every year at least regardless of the weather conditions. Schertz roofing experts will examine your roof and offer affordable, reliable and reliable roofing replacement services.


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